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Favorite Things: Ivica Olic cannot get through Kevin Wimmer

Is there any point to taking blurry stills from low-resolution video to attempt to explain something you see in a sporting contest that made you want to shout, “HELL YEAH!”? Probably not, but anyone who has paid continued attention to my football writings will be well aware that such pointlessness does not often stop me. … Continue reading

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Effzeh in English: Wednesday 10 December 2014

Bits and pieces from the day in Effzeh news. Coach Chat Peter Stöger was a guest at Wednesday night’s FC Stammtisch at Gaffel am Dom. Among topics discussed, according to ksta.de, were: Hope that Patrick Helmes will return to the club. The need for patience as the Effzeh fights to survive in the Bundesliga. If it were so easy … Continue reading

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Stöger sends message from his not-yet-closed Facebook account

Mahlzeit! Coach apparently has not yet heard enough negativity from the internet fools to close his Facebook account, as he shot fans a message today just before final preparations for Saturday’s match in Frankfurt. Nagasawa and Svento “Nagasawa and Svento have again joined team training . . . the entire squad if fully available – … Continue reading

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Stöger threatens closure of Facebook page due to commentary hools

It appears Peter Stöger is getting familiar with and tired of the idea of how people on the internet are not generally as reasonable as people in traditional public situations. Bild reports that the increasing volume of negative commentary, particularly toward individual players, has the coach reconsidering his social media outlet. „I really enjoy doing … Continue reading

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Match Day 4: 1. FC Köln 0:0 Borussia Mönchengladbach

As much as I was excited about my first “Rhine Derby” since becoming Effzeh, I could tell that there was a lot lost in the distance from here to Müngersdorf. I never really found myself wanting to say/think/post hateful things toward the ponies of Borussia Mönchengladbach, even when reading some of the hateful things toward … Continue reading

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Match Day 3: SC Paderborn 0:0 1. FC Köln

Only three matches into the season, and I’m already forced to adapt to adversity. Because my normal resource for match video seems to have disappeared, I do not have the opportunity to watch the match a second time before writing my match reaction. This does reveal the fact that I’ve not yet reinstated my FC-TV … Continue reading

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You Talking to Me? Butting in on the Effzeh.com Rudelbildung.

If you can read German and are reading this, you probably already follow effzeh.com regularly. Even if you don’t, you maybe have read it on occasion, utilizing Google’s (or Bing’s, I suppose) translation function. Otherwise, add it to your bookmarks for the coming season. One of the features is called Rudelbildung. Without trying to give … Continue reading

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More test matches to help pass the summer doldrums

Kitzbühel! Kitbühel! Wir fahren nach Kitzbühel! Somehow, singing about travelling to a quaint Austrian alpine village for more pre-season training doesn’t quite get it done in the way thoughts of Berlin do. It’s certainly not that I wouldn’t have a grand time visiting Kitzbühel. The photos look quite lovely. I don’t do the thing where … Continue reading