1. FC Köln / Karnevalsverein

Karneval! Costume photos from the FC session (with a poll!)

We are a Karnevalsverein.

As such, Karneval is not something that simply happens in the same city as 1. FC Köln. Rather, the club takes part, and that includes players, coaches, and front-office personnel. NOBODY is too cool for Karneval. It’s a long-standing tradition (right Stephan Grühsmen?)

Costuming is a huge part of the fun, as you will see. It’s always a treat to see what the players come up with, so I’ve collected as many images of them as I could find (thanks to the club’s official social media channels, Express, and player Facebook accounts, for the most part) and posted them all here. For some reason, I decided to put together a poll to see who would be voted “best,” so scroll to the bottom and pick a name, if you’re into such things.

Otherwise . . .  Alaaf!  . . . and the derby draws near . . .

The boss . . . always being questioned

Timo Horn and Dominic Maroh are the bookends of this particular Viererkette

Kölsche Jung Ahthony Ujah

Kevin Wimmer in a military look . . .

Kazuki Nagasawa and Yuya Osako

Yannick Gerhardt with younger sister Anna

Cool costume, Mr. Olkowski. Looks good on you, too!

Anthony Ujah, Dusan Svento, Slawomir Peszko, Adam Matuschyk, and Miso Brecko

Helmes not fit enough to play, but fit enough to play!

Dusan Svento . . . well done!

Now you see why Alexander Wehrle stayed in Köln despite offers from his hometown-ish VfB Stuttgart. Happy 40th, boss!

Brings dressed as . . . Brings

In case you didn’t know, Dirk Lottner is still cooler than you


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