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Zoller and Osako back to work, but will they be back in team?

As surprising as it might have seemed to fans to see both Simon Zoller and Yuya Osako watching Saturday’s match against Bayern from among the fans, it was probably at least as surprising for the players themselves, who probably also held some hope they’d get a shot at one of the premier football clubs in the world.

Instead, both summer acquisitions were given notice that their efforts had not been meeting expectations and were hence relegated to ‘spectator.’

Naturally, Stöger was asked about the status of Zoller and Osako as the Effzeh prepares for Saturday’s match at Eintracht Frankfurt, and, in typical Stöger fashion, got the response that they both “trained as usual.”

Or, at least that’s how I’m translating “ordentlich,” because it fits the way the coach seems to communicate his intentions to the press.

Which is almost not at all.

I suppose it could mean that they had a good week of practice, but I am sticking with coach giving exactly the right amount of information to where it could mean just about anything or nothing.

Zoller himself checked in with his Facebook fans on Thursday, speaking of the his weekend having been “doubly disappointing” for having the loss compounded by the fact he could only watch rather than help. He also stressed that disappointment can drive improvement, and that he’s ready to get back to work, while maybe also ready to not at all discuss the details of his status last Saturday.

“Now it’s time to focus on Frankfurt, and I will give everything I can to be there,” was the striker’s closing remark.



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